Home Owners

The Homeowner is not our direct customer, the Fabricator is.
Your pricing will come from your Stone Fabricator

Installing countertops?
Here is what you need to know

Your Countertops Installation Project has 5 stages :

Step 1: Find a Fabricator

You need a Stone Fabricator to fabricate and install your countertops.
If you are working with Designer, Builder or General contractor, they will have the contact of the fabricator they work with.

Or if you need a fabricator, you can reach out to us, we can refer someone from our huge network of fabricators.

What do they do: Stone fabricators play a very important role in the whole
process. They take our natural stone, quartz or porcelain slabs selected by you and they coordinate the template, fabrication and installation process.

Step 2: Getting a Quote

Fabricator will visit to your house: You have to make an appointment with your fabricator to come to your house, to take measurement of your countertops and give you a quote for different levels of material. This will give an approximate idea of how many square feet of material you need for your countertops project.

Pricing : Your Fabricator will quote you the price based on the material you choose from our showroom.

As a wholesale distributor, we do not price material to the general public. All
pricing will come from your stone fabricator.

Step 3: Product Selection

Your Fabricator will then refer you to stone distributors like our company. You visit our showroom and warehouse to make a selection of Material.

Our friendly customer service will show you various materials and help you. We make the process easier by reaching out to your fabricator about your selections. Once you have finalized the material and date of installation, we ship the material to your fabricator.

Step 4: Fabrication

Your Fabricator will cut the material and fabricate it.

Step 5: Installation

Your Fabricator will fabricate and install your countertops on the scheduled date.